Drug Characteristics
  • Formulation
    • 75mg caps
    • 150mg caps
    • 400mg caps
    • 600mg caps
    • 800mg caps
  • Dose

    800mg  boosted with 100mg Ritonavir once daily

    600mg boosted with 100mg Ritonavir twice daily

  • Side Effects

    GI side effects of ritonavir

  • Interactions
  • Renal
  • Hepatic
  • Pregnancy

     FDA Cat C

    The APR provides the best data on teratogenicity and first trimester antiretroviral therapy exposure. In prospectively reported cases, infants exposed to darunavir have been shown to have congenital malformation rates within the expected range and a congenital malformation rate greater than 1.5-fold higher than the general population has been excluded

  • Other Information

    Darunavir is a prefered first line third agent in the antiretroviral treatment guidelines