Drug Characteristics
  • Formulation

    Tablet: 450 mg

  • Dose

    CMV retinitis treatment:

    900 mg orally twice a day for 2–4 weeks

    CMV colitis or oesophagitis

    Valganciclovir may be considered if symptoms are not severe enough to prevent oral absorption (not licensed)

    CMV retinitis maintenance:

    900 mg orally once a day

  • Side Effects

    Myelosuppression – neutropenia, thrombocytopenia; rash; CNS effects including fitting, confusion, anxiety; abnormal LFTs; psychological effects including depression

  • Interactions

    Additive toxicity with other myelosuppressive drugs e.g. cotrimoxazole, zidovudine, and trimetrexate

    Didanosine increases plasma concentrations; probenecid delays renal excretion

  • Renal

    Dose in renal impairment GFR (ml/min)

    40–59:induction/treatment 450 mg twice a day

    Maintenance/prophylaxis 450 mg daily

    25–39:Induction/treatment 450 mg daily every 24 hours

    Maintenance/prophylaxis 450 mg every 48 hours

    10–24: induction/treatment 450 mg every 48 hours

    Maintenance/prophylaxis 450 mg twice weekly

    <10: Avoid

  • Hepatic

    No data in patients with hepatic impairment

  • Pregnancy

    Compatible – Maternal Benefit >> Embryo-Foetal Risk

  • Other Information