Drug Characteristics
  • Formulation


    Tablets: 5 mg

    Soluble tablets: 5 mg

  • Dose

    PCP treatment:

    40 mg orally twice a day for, days 1–5

    40 mg orally once a day for days 6–10

    20 mg orally once a day for days 11–21

    Other information

    Start corticosteroid as soon as possible and within 72 hours of commencing specific anti-PCP treatment, if PaO2 <9.3kPa (<70mmHg)

  • Side Effects

    See BNF

  • Interactions

    rifampicin may decrease prednisolone levels

  • Renal

    No dose adjustment required

  • Hepatic

    Limited data in hepatic impairment and no recommendation can be made.

  • Pregnancy

    Human Data Suggest Risk

  • Other Information